Insecure goddesses

i’m not into modeling that much, i just know two models by name (even by face )& thats not because of their professional modeling but because im a TED talks and Kindle books tracker,  this two models are cameron russell and carre otis.

i found about carre from her auto biography,  beauty disrupted and cameron from her TED talk  Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

you know what was Strange for me about this two fashion models ? they both talked about their heavy insecurities, carry nearly was killing herself because of her insecurities.

based on the reasons and the way of thinking this two models shared with the world i think this is the problem of vast majority of the girls in this industry.

this beauty goddesses are in marathon of getting thiner, looking sexier and endless loop of happiness seeking in a wrong path.

this loop is destructive for both of their fans and models themselves, for their male fans its an unnatural expectation creator (porn industry is playing a more serious role in this game this decade ) and feeling inadequate near girls , for girls fans its about feeling not pretty enough, not good enough and inadequate too.

also in my opinion this is the way of making world more sexual and less friendly, please dont get me wrong i’m not against sex and im not even against one night stands but i’m against sexualizing life and forgetting other aspects, im against getting crazy by our sex drive and forgetting intimacy , when you see girls looking with a come-f***-me look to camera (and some parts of your brain may think they are looking to you not camera ) there is no smile, no friendship nothing but sexual attraction and when they become roll models thing get worse. girls become sexy dolls, trophies but not humans you want to have them, keep them but you cant be friendly with them because yo dont want to be vulnerable near them you dont see nothing but sexual attractiveness and a just-sexual-attractive is not vulnerable, she has no feeling(you dont sense it) so how she could be vulnerable?! (its not masculine to act more vulnerable than girls near them) .

hey guys is this way of thinking looks familiar to you? :  you have her ? you are a winner, you lost her ? Hello looser. Does having her satisfies you or is she enough as a partner ? i really doubt about it.

(this may also cause an endless loop of break-up and getting backs)

finally i want to really thank cameron and carre for what they have done bravely, sharing their insecurities with the world.

carre otis’s auto biography : Beauty, Disrupted

TEDx talk of carre otis :

TED talk of cameron russel: